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Chapter History
Jan 15, 1931 Shelter Island Chapter organized. Officers: J.J. Scannell, Chairman, Walter Dawson, Vice Chairman, Sarah Lake, Secretary, and George Clarence Johnston, Treasurer.
July 1931 Shelter Island Chapter received its charter signed by President Herbert Hoover, Honorary President of the American Red Cross.
1936 Donation from Mr. William Pitchard, Dering Harbor, of a special built Packard which accommodated a wheelchair. This was the first island ambulance. William Wilcox was the driver and Pauline Edwards RN was the nurse.
1941 First class of First Aid taught by Dr. Donald Currie, only Island MD.
1941-46 Chapter received several awards of recognition for support of Armed Forces in World War II. These included several from England.
1944-45 New Chevrolet ambulance purchased.
1954 Cadillac ambulance donated to the chapter.
Mar 20, 1963 Chapter voted to retain its identity as an independent chapter and not join Suffolk County.
1972 Cadillac ambulance donated by Rachel Carpenter in memory of Everett House. Registered NYS ambulance.
July 1976 Joyce Bowditch Bausman elected chapter chairman after long tenure of Gregory Price and Iona Fuller in that position.
Hermann Erich von Carp accepted as Vol. Executive Director.
Sept 1976 Charles Mattson joined ambulance volunteers as first EMT.
May 1977 EMT class at Presbyterian Church.
July 1978 Bylaws updated and approved by National American Red Cross.
June 1979 Ambulance Volunteers received pagers and were called by SI Police.
June 1980
Renewal ceremony at Kraus Restaurant for ambulance volunteers and the Shelter Island Chapter, American Red Cross.
July 1980 Lease of 1 acre on Manwaring Rd. from the Town of Shelter Island for building an ambulance garage and meeting place.
March 1982 Ambulance garage built with all volunteers. 2 garage doors and area for a meeting room.
May 1982 1982 Ford III modular-type ambulance delivered.
Oct 1982 First AEMT class held at Shelter Island Fire House.
April 1984 1984 Ford III modular ambulance delivered. Chapter officially started advanced life support service.
May 1985 First Awards Cocktail Party at Cogan's Restaurant honoring ambulance volunteers.
1986 Ben Jones, Vice Chairman and Fundraising director became first Paramedic.
Jan 1987 Ambulance delivered first baby going over Sag Harbor bridge.
Jan 1989 Chapter signed contract with Shelter Island Town for basement space at the Medical Center. Most of the renovation was done by volunteers, or at minimal cost.
March 1991 Dedicated the Red Cross Education and Disaster Center. Also gave space/key for office to Senior Citizens Affairs Council.
May 1991 Celebrated Chapter being 60 yrs old, ambulance service 55 years old and the oldest volunteer, Isabel Bowditch for 50 years.
May 1992 Honored Fredric Gurney as a 30 year volunteer, a long time ambulance and board volunteer.
March 1993 National ARC passed directive to recharter all chapters. Chapter reorganized to meet requirements. Special Note: Chapter now has only emergency ambulance service in the National Red Cross.
July 1993 J. Bausman resigned as Chapter Chairman and was appointed to Chapter Executive Director (volunteer) as a rechartering requirement. Hugh F. Luddecke, Jr. elected Chapter Chairman. Isabel Bowditch, Leonard Bliss, Charles Mattson and Otto Jaeger became first Directors Emeriti.
Dec 1993 Ambulance Services NYS certified through the efforts of Ambulance Chief, Brian Rasmussen and Asst. Chief, Jack Thilberg.
March 5, 1995 Chapter rechartered by National Red Cross.
June 1995 1995 Ford Diesel Mod-III ambulance delivered and ready for ALS service with 1984 Ambulance. 1982 ambulance for BLS service. Chapter now maintaining 3 ambulances.
Sept 1999 Chapter started AED program, Jack Thilberg, instructor.
Feb 2000 Dr. Frank Adipietro became ambulance Medical Director. Peter McCracken appointed Director of Volunteers. Dr. Edgar Grunwaldt appointed Director Emeritus. 2000 Freightliner ambulance delivered.
Jan 2001 Chapter rechartered for 5 years.
March 2001 Chapter at Ram's Head Inn to celebrate 70th year and ambulance service 65th. Chapter/ambulance received town citation for service to island citizens. Diane Kilb appointed Director Emeritus.
July 2001 J. Bausman celebrated 25 years in volunteer leadership.
Sept 11, 2001 2 Ambulances responded to N.Y.C World Trade Center Terrorism.
Sept 2001 Signed new contract with Shelter Island town to leave medical center and receive deed to Manwaring Road ambulance garage.
Sept 2002 Ambulance garage addition by Morton Buildings started.
June 2003 Jack Thilberg appointed Chief Operating Officer with responsibilities of Health and Safety Services, including ambulance, Technology and Purchasing. Building donated by bequest from Virginia Black. Training room named in honor of Ben Jones, Paramedic/Chp. Chair.
March 2004 Certificate of Occupancy obtained for new office/training room extension onto ambulance garage. Hugh Luddecke appointed Director Emeritus.
June 2005 First combined annual meeting/awards recognition dinner at Dering Harbor Inn. Co-chairs: M. Brownlie and P. McCracken.
Jacqueline Pell Tuttle and Edward Chester Peet Jr. appointed Directors Emeriti.
Feb 2006 2005 Ford Mod III 4 wheel drive ambulance in service. 1984 ambulance given to Shelter Island Police Dept for disaster command center. Ambulance garage remodeling started.
June 2006 Ric Gurney, Ben Jones and Natalie Fox appointed Directors Emeriti
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